Saturday, September 29, 2007

Burmese Tempo

Burmese Tempo

Tears and cries make you proud.
As loud as you can ever imagine.
Gun fires and the bullet shells
We don’t want our people to be spelled.

Who can save our own country life?
Run and run until you’ve exhausted
But your courage has conquered the regime
Where they are now living desperately.

This is not the bullets world
Where we trade life with the guns.
This is not the scarlet world
Where they take the steps with blood.

Saffron robes has marched into the city.
They bring courage and inspiration to the glory.
I can’t imagine how long they still have to march.
But I am certain the country is watched.

Every bullets and batons made our hearts hard.
And the world has now stood up.
How I wish my country to retain peace.
Where the people would live with dignity.

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Tasti said...

"But I am certain the country is watched."

I'have linked your blog.
There are near.
All the world watches you and march with you.
I embrace to you